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(I am still in the process of rebuilding it... go here for the obsolete old webpage I made while I was learning web developent in college... also made Wayne's Metal Works website (see below) at around the same time (a bit earlier though))

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Webpages I have helped to build

For volunteer work (from newest to oldest):

C++ Projects

Compiler Design Project


During my final semester of university I took a class on compiler design and thought uploading my semester-long project would be a good way to showcase my C++ skills.

I built it in Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and GCC


Software Engineering Project


During my final semester of university I took a class on software engineering and thought I would display my semester-long team project as a way to showcase my skills of working with a diverse and changing team over several project revisions.

This project is a GUI-based Karnaugh Map Minimizer. Given a Karnaugh map, truth table, or boolean expression of up to six variables, it uses the Quine-McCluskey algorithm to minimize the number of boolean gates required to build the circuit and produces the corresponding sum-of-products or product-of-sums expression.

The team members on the project were:

Team 1:

The second half of the semester was meant to simulate what would happen when the majority of the people assigned to a previous revision of a project were assigned elsewhere and new people had to be brought up to speed on the inner-workings of the project. All but one group member from revision one were assigned to a new project. I was the group member that stayed behind to ease others into the codebase.

The team members of the second revision of the project were:

*Curtis Biemans did not belong to any single group and volunteered to be the quality-assurance manager for all of the projects and so was not directly involved with the project.



Java Projects



In April of 2011, and after having seen that many employers were looking for applicants with java skills, I decided to see how quickly I could re-learn Java (which I had not used since college). I decided to put what things I learned in my compiler design class to use and set about building a calculator that roughly emulates the functions and functionality of the Windows Calculator program.

The project was not completed; the memory functions do not work and the display has issues with displaying the appropriate number of digits of precision (the underlying math, however, seems to work just fine).



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